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Here you will find articles, helps, tips and ideas about building YOUR log cabin/home. The posts here are mine and from other knowledgeable and experienced folks as well.

We’ll discuss the 3 T’s – Tools, Techniques, Trees and maybe even a video or two.

Got a project you would like to share or talk about? Maybe a good money-saving tip for buying Tools or Materials.

A Log Cabin or home can mean different things to folks. As the political climate in the United States continues to grow unbearable (with no end in sight) … many people are seeking ways to leave the cities to find a simpler and uncomplicated life. Or maybe just a retreat near your favorite lake or place in the mountains. Maybe a log home fits into your idea of the simpler life you seek.

If this is your 1st time here… Welcome and hope you enjoy your time here. If you are returning… Welcome Back!




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I’ll get some posted as soon I can